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Strawberry Office Hours (July 3, 2-3 PM EST)

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Strawberry Office Hours is a 45-minute visual class on food styling with Adrienne Anderson followed by a 15-minute open Q&A period.

This class takes place on Zoom:
Wednesday, July 3
2-3 PM EST (11 AM-noon PST)

The session is geared towards content creators, brand managers, marketers, photographers, food stylists, editors, art directors, recipe developers and cooks who are interested in making nice pictures. All levels are welcome. Curiosity is the only prerequisite.

Topics we'll cover:

  • What makes a "good" image?
  • Sourcing strawberries: how to find and judge the best ones
  • Styling strawberries: creative ways to make them look nice
  • Culinary technique: some thoughts on preparation, with pro tips on storage and transportation 

Plus a dash of art history and industry gossip.

This experience is designed to brighten up your workday, charge your creativity, and leave you feeling refreshed and enlightened.